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E-government ECDCC Technologies is a one-stop-shop for e-government solutions; our expertise covers research, design and development of sustainable Government-to-Citizen (G2C), Government-to-Business (G2B), Government-to-Employee (G2E) and Government-to-Government (G2G) Solutions.

Electronic Customs Duty Clearance Certificate and Validation System (ECDCVS)

ECDCVS is an all-inclusive technologically driven solution that provides all the missing links in the past efforts of all the agencies saddled with responsibilities of curbing the menace of motor vehicles’ smuggling and enforcement of vehicle registration compliances in Nigeria while blocking the persistent annual revenue leakages of about US$1 Billion (federal, states, LGAs and private sector of the economy) towards provision of enabling environment for the emerging automotive industries and veritable tools for national planning, security and job creation among others.

Digital Legislature System (DIGLEG)

Digital legislature is an electronic solution for optimization of a radical improvement and performance of the existing legislative system. This means more than putting transactions and information online but improving the democratic processes while aiding public participation in governance. This paradigm creates new opportunities to broaden public awareness on legislative values and constitutional liberties towards socio-economic development.

Electronic Stamp Duty System

Electronic-Stamp Duty System (e-stamp duty) is a pro-economy and highly secured technology driven platform that ensures a sustainable, transparent and seamless channels for payment, collection and remittance of stamp duty fees while closing annual revenue leakages of over N2.5 Trillion and other related vices in Nigeria.

Criminal Record Information and Management System (CRIMMTRAC)

CRIMMTRACTM is an integrated repository system for capturing, collating storing, retrieving, analyzing and sharing of criminal information records (biometric data inclusive) among the law enforcement agencies towards inter-agencies cooperation, responsiveness and national security development among others. CRIMMTRAC covers the all entire life span of records development, tracking and management.

Multi -purpose Identity Card Suite

This is a chip based multi-module identity card solution that ensures proper and secured means of identification for citizens, staffs, students or members of organizations. Some of the embedded modules are payment module (debit card), facilities access module, health record module among others.

Mobile Digital Identity Management Solutions

Mobile Digital Identity Management Solutions Digital Identity solution is a cost-effective, convenient, fast and secured mobile app driven identity verification system positioned to replace the conventional plastic ID cards without comprising the security and validation credentials. Mobile Digital Identity card solutions are suitable School ID cards, National ID cards, Employee ID cards and Club Membership Cards among others

Smart Grid & Alternative Energy Solutions

Smartlink Networked Energy Services Hub (SNESHTM) SNESH is an IoT (Internet of Things) communication driven GRID and Smart Metering solution designed for Nigeria market having considered the operating environment and all other militating factors prevailing in the power sector and country as whole. SNESH is strategically equipped to stabilize the grid, improve metering efficiency, tackling distribution loses and theft, saving of operational cost while aiding energy data processing and analytics strategy towards productivity and profitability.