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Nation-Wide Food Security Support Scheme (

In Nigeria food commodities are ridiculously cheap in area of production (Rural) but outrageously expensive in area of consumption (Urban) due to a very long supply chain system that comprises of about four to five middlemen in-between the farmers and the final consumers. COMMODIX is an online-to-offline (O2O) food commodities ‘commerce platform that is positioned to disrupt the exploitative traditional supply chain system while bridging the irrational gap between the prices and supply of food commodities in urban and rural areas of the country towards small scale farmers’ prosperity and food security values (availability, accessibility, quality & affordability) for the citizenry.

ConnectApprentiz is an online social network community that provides cost-effective and time saving matching-making opportunities for the prospective African apprentices (vocational skills trainees) and vocational training services providers in over 400 training programs that cut across both the formal and informal sector of the economy while facilitating other related post-training support services.

Micro-Credit Card Scheme for Civil Servants and Corporate Salary Earners in Nigeria

PayChap is a collateral free and card technology driven micro-credit platform that enables salary earners an unconstrained access (24/7/365 days) to funds for emergency and other financial needs before payday. PayChap micro-credit support scheme is a one-time registration scheme that allows the cardholder (employee) to access up to 33.33% of his or her net-income (salary) at any time of the month before the payday without loan applications or bureaucracies.